Road Trip!

Cameron and I did set an alarm this morning but when it went off we had a mumbled conversation about how dumb alarms are and then went back to sleep. The house has large shutters that close over the windows, and curtains over that, and since it was so cold we were bundled up so it was nice and warm and dark. Plus it was a Monday an no one ever wants to get up on Monday’s. Continue reading Road Trip!

Mum’s Day

We woke up an hour early this morning thanks to an alarm malfunction and since we couldn’t get back to sleep we had a bit more time for showers and packing up. We had a great breakfast – best one so far – at our Edinburgh hotel, and it included haggis! This time it was not deep- fried, or in sausage form but just crumbled, and it was delicious. Breakfast also included cheese and meats like a real English breakfast, so other than the fact that we had to rush off to the train, it was awesome. Continue reading Mum’s Day

Welcome to Scotland!

Got to sleep in a little this morning and the jet lag improved slightly so we were fairly refreshed when we headed out for the York rail station. In less than 24 hours we had learned quite a lot about York public transport so we were able to catch a quick bus and made it to the station with 20+ minutes to spare. Which was great since it turned out I printed the wrong tickets and had to bust it back to the ticket kiosk for a redo. Continue reading Welcome to Scotland!

Fall Fun

It’s been a crazy fall and I can’t believe it’s almost November already! We’ve been very busy: moving, redoing floors, selling houses, Oktoberfest, conferences. My brother Bobby recently got engaged to a lovely lady, Nicole – congrats guys! And we miss Greg and Erika up in Boston but we still get to see Mike, Bea, and the nephews, most recently for the Canes opening night.

Lots still to come this year!

Summer Vacation

Cameron, Nala, and I headed outta town for a way-overdue vacation recently. It was pretty low-key: we headed up to Canada to visit with family and hang out at the cottage. Highlights from said vacation are included below and big thanks to Cathi and Jenny, Mary, Peggy, Lisa and Mike, and my grandma for hosting and/or visiting with us!