Big News

Been pretty quiet on here for the last few months. Obviously we’ve been busy – fall is always a crazy time of year. But we also discovered in early September that I’m pregnant. Since I had a miscarriage earlier in the year we decided to lay low with that information for the first few months. However as of tomorrow I will be at 21 weeks and a little over halfway so it is with hope and trepidation that I share this info here (for the very small band of people who actually read this site)!

In anticipation of some common questions here’s a little FAQ…

  • When are you due?!
    May 4th, 2017. Yes, as in Star Wars Day.
  • Are you going to name the kid Luke or Leia?
    No way. ‘Darth’, ‘Yoda’, and ‘Kylo’ are also out.
  • What are you going to name the kid?
    Not telling, sorry!
  • Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?
  • So which is it?
    It’s a girl! 😀
  • Are your parents excited?
    Yes, both sets of grandparents are thrilled. This will be Cam’s parent’s first grandchild so they’re very excited; my parent’s have two grandsons but are excited about their first granddaughter.
  • When is the shower?
    Dunno, though I’m assured there will be one. My goofy besties literally responded to the news of my pregnancy by asking if they could host the shower (like that was even on my radar) and I know my sis-in-law Bea is all over this, too.

If you have any other questions let us know. Also I don’t splash pics of my uterus around the internet but if you’re so inclined to see such things and we’re friends/family I don’t mind sharing.

Thanks to all of you who are or have been excited/supportive/giddy/encouraging, etc. We’ll keep you posted as things develop. <3