Congrats to Nicole and Babs!

My little bro Bobby got married this past weekend to a really sweet girl with an absolutely lovely family. They got married up in Portland, Maine so Cam and I took a┬ácouple of days up there to visit. It wasn’t really what I expected at all – but then again my last visit to Portland was the one in Oregon (so not the same). This Portland was much smaller and more quaint. And the people were so nice. We also got to do dinner with one of my best friends from college, Mandy, and her new hubby Apples, which was awesome! Miss her so much!

Got some photos here. I won’t lie: there was some drinking. But we had to in order to stay warm. That place has some ocean breezes.

One Year

19120702569_bec62577b4_kWe’re one-year in. Amazing┬áhow quick it went, but then again we were busy. Sold two houses, bought one, moved, had a big party for friends and family, went to the U.K. Lots of great experiences with some rough times to even things out. But, I think we’ll go a little slower next year.

Here’s our celebration — first anniversary is paper, right? We had someone on Etsy do a wedding portrait for us. We’re so darn cute.



Summer Vacation

Cameron, Nala, and I headed outta town for a way-overdue vacation recently. It was pretty low-key: we headed up to Canada to visit with family and hang out at the cottage. Highlights from said vacation are included below and big thanks to Cathi and Jenny, Mary, Peggy, Lisa and Mike, and my grandma for hosting and/or visiting with us!

We’re hitched!

Cameron and I are married!

JenCameron087We got hitched Saturday, May 16th, 2015 at the Lodge on Lake Lure in the mountains of North Carolina. It was a bit warmer than we wanted so we wound up getting married up by the lodge instead of on the dock. But it was a beautiful spot and – as it happened – right outside our room. We had a great officiant and got to come up with our own vows. We both cried. Our parents cried. I think everyone cried. It was great!

We had a lovely dinner afterwards and our siblings and parents got to hang out and enjoy the lodge. Skye and Ben took excellent care of Nala for us so Cam and I could relax after a very busy day. It was really beautiful and a great weekend all around.

11024602_10102633064704139_357108175081045470_nPictures! Our wedding photographer took a bunch of good ones for us and you can see the album on Flickr. Here’s one to tide you over, and another we took the evening before after a great dinner at my parents cabin on Lake Adger. Nate and Cyrus gave me the flowers for my hair. <3